My name is K. Allen known as HD , 

I'm from New Orleans,I own my own Label


Iam a artist and also have artitst on my Label,

named myself HD and many more. 

I also record my own music with my artist.

Making music I always had a passion for doing it, 

When it comes to making music I become very creative

in making songs, 

I know that I have a good number of Songs that are

High Quality Songs that People Would Enjoy. 

I also have songs on

(SoundCloud, iTunes THQ and DATA The MIXTAPE). 

I also Am about to Drop Another Mixtape called


[contact information]: 

 You reach me at my email...

*  *

*Instagram at hd_hooks  



I have Music on...

Soundcast, iTunes, SoundCloud, Amazon.


PelicanStonersEnt LLc. H D

PelicanStonersEnt LLc. H D